Larissa Zanstra is an ambitious woman born in 1998 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. She is a dreamer, she always has been. Being creative and taking pictures since she can remember, with an endless love for nature. 

'I'm raised in Schoorl, a beautiful place nearby the sea, dunes, reclaimed lands and the forest. Thus I have learned to treat nature with respect. It's my biggest source of inspiration.'

She combines her knowledge and creativity to visualize the connection between nature & culture. And that's not it... She has a mission.

'With my knowledge as an anthropologist and work as photographer and artist I hope to inspire people. I hope to awaken consciousness about the urging fact that nature & culture are imbalanced. We are part of nature and we create culture wherever we go. 


Culture is the way how people develop, think and behave, their norms and values. Just like a bird builds its nest, we build our houses and roads. Nature, on the other hand, lives in our blood from the moment we are born. It's our roots. The problem is that we forgot how much we need Mother nature to live our lives on this planet. Moreover, our footprint on the earth is way more than the one of the bird.' 


She dreams of a world where culture is created in awe of nature and where our intuition is seen as the most reliable source.

'I firmly belief that when more and more people see the beauty nature has to offer and, most importantly, that we are a part of it as well, nature & culture can move as one again. And that's exactly the world I love to visualize in my work.'

Her work is characterized by human nature, natural tones & lightning, earthy structures & patterns and organic shapes & lines.

It is guided by conceptual thinking and intuition.